Technology Transformation

For COOs

It often goes unrecognized, but COOs have one of the toughest jobs in any company. They are the war time generals that win the daily battles to keep the operations running smoothly and on budget. As often as not, technology is part of the problem rather than being the solution it’s supposed to be. Automating supply chains and workflows, providing the proper KPIs, integrating with suppliers and providing full transparency to customers are all key challenges.

If your technology is holding you back, FTI can help.

We help with…

Technology Modernization

Digital capabilities are made possible largely because of the technology solutions which underpin processes. We create the strategy for your applications, data and infrastructure so that your digital capabilities are enabled in a timely manner.  We design the future state of your applications, data and processes, allowing you to get a detailed view into your future state before making investments and changes. We also review your existing initiatives for alignment with your digital requirements, dependencies and sequencing. We transition your organization to a dev/ops paradigm and advise your teams on transitioning to an asset-lean footprint.

Cloud Migration

Many COOs are focusing on cloud migration today. Yet the process of migrating data centers is complex and risky, and public cloud costs can be opaque. Our experts have the skills to work through the challenges of these migrations to develop your transition roadmap and to model the one-time and run-rate costs of shifting to the cloud.

Digital Transformation

Digital capabilities affect what you sell, how you sell and to whom you sell. They create revenue opportunities and reduce risk while driving agility and profitability. Using digital paradigms, you can create new business models, ecosystems, digital products and platforms; you can serve new customer groups and better engage and delight them; you can improve and automate operations; and finance and use modern technology infused with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and advanced analytics to create insight from data. Digital transformation can make your company the best version of itself.

Enterprise Data Management

Craft your enterprise data strategy and design, build and implement your data security, information governance, data privacy, data lake, master data and data governance programs so that your entire data estate supports your business strategy, current operations and future ambitions. Use Data Lakes to unify information across your company and harness it to create actionable insights to drive business. Rapidly remove data quality hurdles and enable business initiatives by using business relevant automation and intelligence to cleanse data.

Analytics, Machine Learning and AI

One of the most urgent digital business priorities, optimizing the customer experience, hinges on optimizing and leveraging master data. We prioritize and apply master-data management to ensure that the initiatives deliver their fullest business value. With connections to a multitude of sources, we offer a strategic approach to choosing the right processes, technologies and resources and creating a functional storage platform, a comprehensive data model and a robust infrastructure. We embed analytics and artificial intelligence to personalize the path to purchase and increase customer lifetime value.

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