Technology Transformation

For CTOs

A CTOs job is to be both visionary and practical. CTOs are expected to see far when it comes to technology trends but practical in their use of precious R&D budgets and staffing. This is true whether you are CTO of a software products company or any other company with a high reliance on technology.

CTOs must confront many important questions: What is the best use of my limited resources? When should I rely on third parties, and when should I build in-house? How do I migrate to cloud native architectures and dev-ops models? How do I safely migrate customers and my company to new platforms? Where should I set up my R&D centers? How open should my technology platforms be?

FTI can help you develop living frameworks to manage these questions and put them into practice.

Our relevant capabilities:

Digital Transformation

Digital capabilities affect what you sell, how you sell and to whom you sell. They create revenue opportunities and reduce risk while driving agility and profitability. Using digital paradigms, you can create new business models, ecosystems, digital products and platforms; you can serve new customer groups and better engage and delight them; you can improve and automate operations; and finance and use modern technology infused with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and advanced analytics to create insight from data. Digital transformation can make your company the best version of itself.

SaaS Transformations

“Software as a Service” means many things to many different companies. But chiefly, it means offering your software products to customers on a subscription basis rather than a one-time license. This may sound like a small distinction, but in fact requires a significant transformation of your service delivery to clients. That’s because everything changes. Examples include: a complete change in cashflows from large, one-time payments to smaller annual payments; a shift for your customers to a variable by-the-seat cost model; the expectation that customers can come to your portal and change their seat counts, see their billings and forecast their costs; the ability for your financial systems to perform recurring customer billings, based on current seat counts; the need to have a single software architecture used by all clients, rather than one-off variants; a financial shift to focus on customer lifetime value and retention; a sales force focused on subscription sales and upselling; a holistic view of the customer.

Cybersecurity and Risk

We build a safer future by helping organizations understand their own environments, harden their defenses, rapidly and precisely hunt threats, holistically respond to crises, and sustainably recover their operations and reputation after an incident.

Bespoke Application Development

For a variety of reasons, off the shelf software solutions do not fit the need for companies. FTI Consulting’s team of experts conduct discovery, gather detailed use-case requirements, design meaningful customer journeys, prototype, develop and implement bespoke, fit for purpose applications to help clients solve their most challenging business problems.

IoT and Blockchain

Network-enabled devices can now be produced cheaply at scale and easily integrated into cloud-based IOT networks provided by AWS and Azure. Analytics provide deep insights to customer behaviors or from sensors deep within supply chains. With our IOT partners, FTI Consulting can help with IOT innovation, from device design through network enablement and analytics. In blockchain, FTI Consulting has been pioneering the use of the technology in freight movements and in temperature-controlled environments. We can help you identify the right use-cases for this important technology and implement it at scale.

Cloud Migration

Many CIOs are focusing on cloud migration today. Yet the process of migrating data centers is complex and risky, and public cloud costs can be opaque. Our experts have the skills to work through the challenges of these migrations to develop your transition roadmap and to model the one-time and run-rate costs of shifting to the cloud.

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