Digital transformation changes the clockspeed of your company

Digital capabilities affect what you sell, how you sell and to whom you sell. They create revenue opportunities and reduce risk while driving agility and profitability. Using digital paradigms, you can create new business models, ecosystems, digital products and platforms; you can serve new customer groups and better engage and delight them; you can improve and automate operations; and finance and use modern technology infused with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and advanced analytics to create insight from data. Digital transformation can make your company the best version of itself.

Our Service Offerings

Digitally Enabled Revenue

The value of digital transformation will be determined by the monetization of digital offerings. We define and launch innovative products and services in digital platforms using “Art of the Possible” and scenario-planning approaches. We design disruptive new revenue models, go-to-market tactics and alliances/partnerships, along with pricing strategy and execution tactics to improve profitability of digital offerings and reach new customers.

Customer Analytics

Heightened customer expectations are forcing companies to rethink their customer engagement models. We reimagine product and customer experiences by addressing major pain points and enabling delightful touchpoints throughout the customer journey. We define personalized marketing tactics to drive demand and provide truly unmatched customer interactions and deep brand engagement. We unlock the full revenue potential of offerings through data-driven sales processes, a value-based selling mindset and digital selling tools. We achieve exceptional customer loyalty and protect recurring revenue streams by blending human and digital service channels.

Digital Finance

CFOs are leveraging technology advancements to rapidly modernize the Finance function to support and drive enterprise strategy.  This requires breaking away from the status quo and adopting new operating models and talent management strategies and digitalizing and automating signature finance processes so resource capacity is freed up to focus on higher value activities.

Digitally Enabled Operations

We design your operating models for the new realities and ambitions of a digital world. Increase velocity, efficiencies and engagement by architecting automated processes and the supporting infrastructure to leverage digitization, advanced analytics, automation and RPA.

Digital Organization

Organizational structures and culture are often overlooked in transformations. We believe that these are critically important for the success of your transformation and, ultimately, for its sustained adoption by your teams. We assess and design the right-sized organization for your desired digital capabilities. We design and implement turnkey change-management programs, so that all your leaders buy in and become proponents of change. We look to manage impacts to teams, so we design the organization needed for your transformation process and the one needed for its management post-transformation.

Technology Modernization

Digital capabilities are made possible largely because of the technology solutions which underpin processes. We create the strategy for your applications, data and infrastructure so that your digital capabilities are enabled in a timely manner.  We design the future state of your applications, data and processes, allowing you to get a detailed view into your future state before making investments and changes. We also review your existing initiatives for alignment with your digital requirements, dependencies and sequencing. We transition your organization to a dev/ops paradigm and advise your teams on transitioning to an asset-lean footprint.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

One of the most urgent digital business priorities, optimizing the customer experience, hinges on optimizing and leveraging master data. We prioritize and apply master-data management to ensure that the initiatives deliver their fullest business value. With connections to a multitude of sources, we offer a strategic approach to choosing the right processes, technologies and resources and creating a functional storage platform, a comprehensive data model and a robust infrastructure. We embed analytics and artificial intelligence to personalize the path to purchase and increase customer lifetime value.

Digital Journey

Our definition of digital transformation begins with revenue growth areas. We create a digitally aligned strategy to enable new business models and products and a new overall business strategy which will allow you to reach new markets in geographies, industry verticals and customer segments previously considered unfeasible. These services resolve concerns such as, “How can digital capabilities increase revenue for us?”; “How can we reach more regions and customers?” and “How can we operate most efficiently using digital paradigms?”

Organization Design

Organizational structures and cultures define how work gets done in your organization. We assess capabilities and talent in your technology organization to address your current challenges and future ambitions. We design and implement structures, culture, roles and performance management and provide turnkey change management to facilitate all scales of transformation.

Digital Decisioning and Automation

Digital businesses need decisions to be made cross functionally and rapidly. We help clients manage their business by designing appropriate metrics (KPIs) and management models. Our teams unify and engineer clients’ data from across their enterprises, develop reports and dashboards to create faster decisioning with accurate, timely and relevant data and help upgrade and automate client’s complex modeling and reporting, further increasing accuracy and speed.


Sumeet Gupta

Senior Managing Director

Corporate Finance

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Managing Director

Corporate Finance