Many consulting firms, including FTI Consulting, will help you modernize IT and reduce costs.

However, we also believe businesses can be transformed through the power of IT. Such transformations begin with a technologically informed business strategy and proceed through a reimagining of business operations, new competitive offerings and improvements in your customers’ experience. This service combines our strategy skills, industry skills, performance improvement capabilities and IT skills into a single offering.

Our Service Offerings

Enterprise Data Management and Data Lakes

Craft your enterprise data strategy and design, build and implement your data security, information governance, data privacy, data lake, master data and data governance programs so that your entire data estate supports your business strategy, current operations and future ambitions. Use Data Lakes to unify information across your company and harness it to create actionable insights to drive business. Rapidly remove data quality hurdles and enable business initiatives by using business relevant automation and intelligence to cleanse data.

Technology Modernization

Digital capabilities are made possible largely because of the technology solutions which underpin processes. We create the strategy for your applications, data and infrastructure so that your digital capabilities are enabled in a timely manner.  We design the future state of your applications, data and processes, allowing you to get a detailed view into your future state before making investments and changes. We also review your existing initiatives for alignment with your digital requirements, dependencies and sequencing. We transition your organization to a dev/ops paradigm and advise your teams on transitioning to an asset-lean footprint.

ERP Optimization

ERPs and their utilization vary widely across organizations and when appropriately used create agility and efficiency, but when poorly designed or aged, create significant drag on the company. FTI Consulting assesses your ERP implementation and supporting ecosystem, assists with ERP selection, and architects a target state for a reimagined ERP solution to achieve your business ambitions.

IT Outsourcing

The FTI Consulting IT Outsourcing practice focuses on the planning and execution of outsourcing transformation with the goals of maximizing the return on investment, minimizing risk and improving operational effectiveness. Outsourcing planning activities include partner selection, objective/goals definition, vendor selection, terms and conditions (T&C) definition, request for proposal (RFP) issuance and statement of work (SOW) negotiation. FTI Consulting’s solutions ensure that what is being outsourced — business case, required vendor service level agreements (SLA) and performance requirements — is well defined, measurable and built into the vendor agreement. Our implementation execution activities address the planning, governance, communication, transition and execution of the transition to outsourcing.

Office of the Chief Data Officer

The need for companies to have a chief data architect or chief data officer (CDO) has grown dramatically. The value and ability to store and analyze data, together with ever-growing governmental regulations around data, mandate the need for this role. Beyond the responsibilities of data privacy and compliance, this role is now tasked with being a real-time business partner through data strategy, data science, analytics and business logic management. Along with the challenge of straddling the demands of the business and IT, the CDO also has to drive accountability on both sides. Finally, the CDO organization, architected correctly, can drive innovation in internal operations, reporting, product design and business model design.

Cybersecurity and Office of the Chief Information Security Officer

We build a safer future by helping organizations understand their own environments, harden their defenses, rapidly and precisely hunt threats, holistically respond to crises, and sustainably recover their operations and reputation after an incident.

Information Governance

We assess, design and implement strategies and programs to responsibly categorize and manage the life cycle of your data assets. Information governance programs establish governance policies and safe disposal protocols for your data, keeping your data operations lean, relevant, de-risked and right-sized.

Intelligent Automation (RPA+)

Intelligent automation improves your cost structures, speed and agility while freeing up critical resources to focus on higher value adding tasks. FTI offers comprehensive intelligent automation services including automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) strategy, assessments and business plans, solution and architecture design and implementation services. We help clients develop automation centers of excellence (CoE), design and execute change management programs and to launch and scale pilot initiatives.

Industry 4.0 (i4.0)

When you walk into a manufacturing plant that has started experimenting with i4.0, you may see production lines with sensors collecting data from the line, robots performing functions such as quality assurance (QA), or shiny new internet of things (IoT)-enabled machinery on the production line.  While this is all well and good, the i4.0 journey requires that a holistic strategy be in place, defining what business problems you are trying to solve and how the i4.0 stack comes together to meet your objectives, as well as an understanding of the organizational impacts and what new skills will be required to operate in a i4.0 environment.  Whether you are pivoting from reactive maintenance to a predictive maintenance model to solve downtime problems and improve utilization, or starting your journey towards autonomous operations, having a holistic i4.0 strategy in place is critical to your success.

Cloud Migration/ SaaS

Many CIOs are focusing on cloud migration today. Yet the process of migrating data centers is complex and risky, and public cloud costs can be opaque. Our experts have the skills to work through the challenges of these migrations to develop your transition roadmap and to model the one-time and run-rate costs of shifting to the cloud.

Regulatory Compliance

FTI Consulting’s Technology Transformation practice recognizes the critical importance of establishing effective compliance and controls frameworks for clients. Our practice in this area is focused on assessing, developing and implementing regulatory compliance capabilities that are fully integrated with key business processes. Our approaches also include building controls for identifying violations and a mechanism for determining how to respond when incidents occur. Technology Transformation focuses on embedding regulatory compliance into an overall IT function to make process and compliance seamless. Our team can assess current capabilities, develop and implement compliance programs, prepare corporate integrity agreements, and perform risk assessments.

Bespoke Applications

For a variety of reasons, off the shelf software solutions do not fit the need for companies. FTI Consulting’s team of experts conduct discovery, gather detailed use-case requirements, design meaningful customer journeys, prototype, develop and implement bespoke, fit for purpose applications to help clients solve their most challenging business problems.

IoT and Blockchain

Network-enabled devices can now be produced cheaply at scale and easily integrated into cloud-based IOT networks provided by AWS and Azure. Analytics provide deep insights to customer behaviors or from sensors deep within supply chains. With our IOT partners, FTI Consulting can help with IOT innovation, from device design through network enablement and analytics. In blockchain, FTI Consulting has been pioneering the use of the technology in freight movements and in temperature-controlled environments. We can help you identify the right use-cases for this important technology and implement it at scale.


Bruce Benson

Senior Managing Director

Corporate Finance