In today’s increasingly connected world, all organizations are facing risks from cyber-related threats. FTI Cybersecurity is engineered to synthesize cutting-edge, intelligence-led capabilities around a trusted core of comprehensive offerings.

As an international company serving organizations across the globe, we build a safer future by helping businesses understand their own environments, harden their defenses, rapidly and precisely hunt threats, holistically respond to crises and recover operations and reputation after an incident.


Every cybersecurity strategy, incident response plan and investigation bring with them considerations beyond cyber. FTI Cybersecurity is global leading provider of independent cyber and risk management advisory services with a core offering focused on cyber readiness, incident response and complex investigations.

We support all needs and challenges related to cybersecurity, such as global investigations, forensic accounting and technology, data and analytics, data privacy and protection, crisis management and strategic communications and anti-money laundering. Our team, capable of deploying worldwide, consists of more than 300 dedicated cybersecurity experts, incident response consultants, developers and data analysts with extensive investigative backgrounds, led by those with decades of experience at the highest levels of law enforcement, intelligence agencies and global private sector institutions. We have comprehensive expertise spanning nearly every industry.

Cybersecurity in Action :


FTI Cybersecurity was retained by a private equity firm to assist with the pre-close due diligence process.


FTI Cybersecurity performed a detailed cyber risk assessment of the target organization and provided detailed steps for scalability and growth.


Our experts reviewed related documentation and compliance requirements to assess any gaps and potential financial investments needed to improve cybersecurity. FTI Cybersecurity provided a detailed list of prioritized recommendations to ensure compliance was maintained.

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