Intelligent Automation (RPA+)

FTI Consulting offers comprehensive intelligent automation advisory and implementation services for organizations looking to establish an automation strategy, implement scalable solutions and maximize performance of ongoing automation initiatives.

Our Expertise

FTI assists organizations looking to begin an intelligent automation (RPA+) program by offering strategic direction, helping to identify what types of activities are suitable for automation, selecting the right tools for the job, determining the best licensing strategy and implementing automated solutions. FTI also works with organizations with RPA programs but are looking to extract more value or grow their own internal capabilities.

What We Do

RPA+, often referred to as Intelligent Automation, refers to an array of technologies (Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Optimal Character Recognition automation (OCR), Machine Learning and more) that can be combined to digitize and automate even the most complex end-to-end processes. Intelligent Automation enables organizations to improve the bottom line while freeing up human resources to focus on more complex, value-added activities. Our team specializes in:

  • Determining the best areas for automation
  • Combining available technologies to deliver an automation capability tailored to your organization
  • Evaluating opportunities from a cost, timeline and benefit perspective
  • Delivering the automation and implementation solutions
  • Creating a digital workforce and automation Center of Excellence to achieve the benefits of

RPA+ Solution Areas

RPA+ is here and companies should focus on when and how to take advantage of digital technologies to enhance customer experience, empower cognitive employees and reduce cost

Automation Strategy
  • Center of Excellence
  • Outreach & awareness
  • Benefits tracking
  • Automation pipeline and governance
Intelligent Automation Assessment
  • Assess organization to discover opportunities
  • Quantify benefit/complexity
  • Create a case for change
Automation Platform Design & Architecture
  • Automation platform(s) selection
  • Integrated automation architecture design
  • Purpose built automation technology stack
Automation Implementation
  • Design and develop bots
  • Test and deploy
  • Prepare and train employees
  • Proactive and system driven MO&S tracking and support
  • Digitize unstructured data with OCR
  • Integrate workflow for better human / bot interactions
  • Layer AI capabilities such as natural language processing
Scaling Automation
from Pilot Program
  • Develop Bot Configuration framework
  • Design Modular and re-usable Bot components
  • Adhere to internal audit and security guide

RPA+ in action at CPG company: Deductions Management


Deductions management is a very manual and time-consuming process for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. A national retail broker who manages this process for many large CPG companies was looking to deploy automation to enhance the client experience and reduce costs.


We developed a 3-year automation strategy targeting $7M in annual savings, helped select an RPA platform and conduct a Pilot. We then implemented scalable RPA by automating the first wave of bots and developed demo videos to showcase their capabilities to new and existing clients.


The Company implemented multiple RPA use cases for deduction management and order to cash, with a net recurring benefit of $1M+. We helped identify, evaluate and prioritize 40 RPA use cases that will add more than $5.5M in annual savings. We also guided development of a Center of Excellence and training for multiple employees to be developers and business analysts.

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